About us

Your place
 to be you.

Where young minds can express themselves

Yubo is a social live-streaming platform that celebrates the true essence of being young. We inspire a new generation to be themselves – Yubo is a place where anyone can belong, feel safe, and hang out. And if others don’t get it? Well, too bad. Our universe wasn’t made for them.

Our mission

​​ Yubo is a space where anyone can belong. It’s our mission to socially inspire and enable a new generation to find out about the world and themselves

A space where everyone belongs.

Our goal is to create a safe and fun virtual space by providing a trusted social platform for our community. 
Yubo makes it easy to connect with whoever from wherever — it’s a space for all of us and all of you.
The Yubo dream team consists of creatives, engineers, data scientists, and marketers. We are based in 
Paris, France.

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