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Power Up Your Yubo Experience with Turbo Mode

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- Written by Yubo team

Turbo Mode on Yubo, the Social Discovery App

Activate the Turbo Mode on Yubo!

Power Up Your Yubo Experience with Turbo Mode and Premium Features

Hey Yubo Fam! Ready for an awesome time? You're in the right place.

Yubo isn't just an app; it's where the fun happens! With over 80 million users worldwide, we're the ultimate hangout for Gen Z. Imagine live streams, and shared interests all for free on the App Store and Google Play.

At Yubo, we're all about good vibes and safety vibes. We've got your back with the best safety features, making this space your positive zone.

Guess what makes us awesome? You! Thanks to your love for Yubo, we've become THE place to be. Spread the word and let's grow together!

Now, let's talk about Turbo Mode!  Imagine supercharging your Yubo adventure – that's Turbo Mode for you! More connections, more fun – it's a game-changer. And hey, today's all about Turbo, but remember, Yubo has lots more cool stuff waiting to be explored!

So, get ready for a Turbo Mode journey like no other. Your Yubo adventure is about to get an upgrade – let's dive in and turbocharge those connections.

Turbo Mode: All the Tips

Daily Automatic Launch: Experience the convenience of a daily Turbo, strategically launched at peak times each day.

Notification Alert: Stay in control with a pre-launch notification, allowing you to log in and maximize your swiping potential.

Effortless Matching: Sit back, relax, and let Turbo Mode do the work while you discover meaningful connections at your own pace.

Key Benefits of Turbo Mode

Perfect Timing Turbo Mode ensures your Turbos are launched at peak times, significantly boosting your chances of connecting with interesting people.

Flexibility: Whether you actively participate during the Turbo launch or prefer a hands-off approach, Turbo Mode adapts to your preferences.

Yubo's Premium Features: How to access premium features and Turbo Mode? Follow these simple steps:

1. Open Yubo

2. Tap your Profile icon on the top right of the screen

3. Select Power Pack or Elite Pack

Power Pack vs. Elite Pack

For Power Pack

  • See who swiped right on you
  • Receive 1 free Turbo, Boost, and Spotlight per week
  • Swipe over 10,000 profiles a day
  • Unlimited Reverse Swipes

For Elite Pack (Includes all Power Pack perks and):

  • See who viewed your profile
  • Spotlight Messages to connect with new people
  • View your swipe history

YuBucks - Your Currency for Premium Powers

What are YuBucks? Yubo's currency for acquiring premium powers like Boosts, Spotlights, Turbos, Pixels, and Fast-Adds.

How to Purchase YuBucks: Conveniently purchase YuBucks directly through the app to enjoy premium powers.

Earning YuBucks: Receive YuBucks by receiving Pixels, allowing you to spend them on your favorite Yubo powers.

Premium Powers Overview

  • Spotlights: Feature your profile at the top of the online section for increased visibility.
  • Boosts: Push your live to the top of the lives feed, ensuring more visibility to users.
  • Turbos: Boost your profile on Swipe, increasing your visibility for quick connections.

Embrace the power of Turbo Mode and Yubo's premium features. 

Subscribe today and elevate your Yubo journey to a whole new level!

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