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Green Flags

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- Written by Yubo Team

We all know about ‘red flags.’ They’re those unflattering traits or behaviors of another person that tell you to proceed with caution and that they may be someone to avoid welcoming into your life. Well, if there are such clear signs of what to avoid, then what about the ‘green flags’? The signs that inform you that a person is likely great. In today’s fast-paced digital world, it can be challenging to identify these positive traits in others. But, understanding and recognizing green flags is essential for building strong, healthy relationships, especially friendships. Let’s take a look at the most important green flags that you should look out for when building friendships. 

  1. They show up on time.

First and foremost, they show up on time. Showing up on time, means they respect you and your time. And any form of respect is always a green flag. When they show up on time, they’re proving that they care. Not only this, but by showing up on time, they’re demonstrating that they are reliable and organized. You can rely on them to stay true to their commitments and to be generally dependable.

  1. They’re Honest

Honesty is at the foundation of every successful relationship. To be honest means to be transparent about your intentions, feelings, actions, and admitting to mistakes when you make them. Honesty is about being genuine and authentic in your interactions with others. If you can’t trust the words they say or actions they make, then you can’t trust them as a person. However, when someone is honest with you, then you know they are trustworthy and that’s a huge green flag. 

  1. They’re an Active Listener

What is active listening? Active listening is respectfully listening, understanding, and responding to another person. This is a positive attribute to have because it shows the person has empathy, respect, a willingness to learn about you, and is an effective communicator – or at least will try to be. While you can’t expect someone to always understand what you share or say, their attempt at doing so by being an active listener is what matters.  

  1. They Show Empathy

Empathy is a very valuable quality to find in another person, especially in today’s world. Empathy represents the ability to understand and share the feelings of others. Between the quick judgments on social media and extreme biases by mainstream media, it can be hard to slow down and remember that in every situation we experience there are real people, with real emotions and feelings, involved. By putting ourselves in the shoes of others, it can help us create a kinder world. If someone has the ability to show empathy for you or for others, you can trust that they are a more or less a nice person and they’re more likely to hear you, understand you and be there for you – definitely a green flag.

  1. They Focus on Bettering Themselves

If they focus on bettering themselves, then it’s clear they care about self-improvement. They have the self-awareness to acknowledge their mistakes or shortcomings, allowing for self-reflection and personal growth. And most all, if they prioritize self-improvement, they’ll help you to push yourself to reach your dreams as well. They won’t allow you to stay stagnant and that is a great green flag. 

  1. They’re Optimistic

Having a positive attitude will always be a green flag. Someone who is optimistic, and always tries to find the positives in life, no matter how difficult the situation, is someone who could very well brighten each and every day. They’re not someone who allows you to get dragged down with all the negativity in the world. Instead, they’ll remind you of happiness.

  1. They’re Open Minded

An open-minded person is one who is willing to consider new ideas, perspectives, feedback, and opinions that may differ from their own. When someone is open-minded, it allows for better, more balanced communication and often greater understanding of others. An open-minded person won’t judge you for being you and won’t criticize you for the way you think. And that’s why it’s a green flag, because it’s someone you can just be your true self with. 

  1. They Use Yubo

Of course, there’s one green flag we can’t forget about – if they’re on Yubo! Now, we may be biased in saying this, but being a Yubo user shows an eagerness to socialize, be open to meeting new people and make connections. They may not necessarily be the most outgoing in the room, but they’re willing to put themselves out there in to create lasting connections. When looking for friends, meeting someone else with that same goal, will likely make the process much easier. 

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