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How Does Yubo's Reporting feature Work?

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- Written by Yubo Team

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Safety is at the core of everything Yubo does. No matter what new feature is implemented, Yubo will always prioritize the safety of its community above all else. Yubo aims to create a space where people from all over the world can interact authentically, whether it be in Lives or through swipes. Yubo does a lot to uphold its Community Guidelines through advanced AI, real-time human moderation, and extensive safety features. Even with all of this in place users still might run into something they find harmful or inappropriate. This is why Yubo made its report feature as quick and simple as possible.

Can you report someone on Yubo?

Yes. To report a user on Yubo, simply tap on their profile. In the top right corner, you will see a shield with an exclamation mark icon, tap on that and select “Report”. Next, there will be a set of categories you can select to give better context to the situation. If you would like, you can even type an explanation as to why you are reporting the user and add photos or videos as well to further support your report and to help the Yubo team effectively investigate the issue.

To report a Live on Yubo, tap on the number of participants or swipe right on the screen to pull up the Live information. Next to the Live title, you will see a shield with an exclamation mark icon. Tap it and select a category to give moderators more context. Similar to reporting a user, you have the option to type an explanation and provide photos or videos to the report. It is that easy and takes well under a minute to report a user or livestream on Yubo.

What happens after you make a report on Yubo?

After you report someone or something on Yubo it is immediately sent to a real-time moderator, or otherwise known as a Yubo Safety Specialist. Our team of Safety Specialists work 24/7, 365 all around the world. When a report is submitted, members of our safety team will review the report and look over any additional information provided. Depending on the scenario, they might have enough information to make a decision just from the report – for example, if a user is reported for having uploaded inappropriate media to their profile. The moderator can simply confirm this, remove the media, and potentially even give the user a temporary ban from uploading media depending on the severity of the case. If a Live is being reported, oftentimes moderators will need to monitor the Live in order to make a fair and accurate judgment. This is why submitting additional information, such as photos or videos, helps moderators come to the right decision much quicker.

What happens if I get reported on Yubo?

If you are reported on Yubo, this means that a moderator came to the understanding that you violated Yubo’s Community Guidelines. Depending on the violation, the results can range from a warning to a short temporary ban from uploading media or joining lives to a permanent ban from the Yubo app. If you were given a ban that you feel was unfair, you can contact our support team here.

Can I block people on Yubo?

If there is a user who is dampening your Yubo experience, you can also block them by tapping the shield icon with an exclamation mark, then selecting “Block”. When you block a user, they are NOT notified. They will also not be able to see your profile, contact you, watch your live, or see your comments in lives anymore. The same will happen for you as well. You can always unblock users at any time by going to your profile, tapping the settings icon, tapping “Safety and Privacy” then tapping “Blocked Users.”

Since Yubo is dedicated to creating a safe space for users to enjoy socializing, they also added a Muted Words feature, where you can decide what words you would not like to see. With this feature, you can choose to hide any words, phrases or emojis from across the app that you might find personally harmful or triggering. 

Are Yubo reports anonymous?

The user who has been reported will never know who reported them or for what reasons. All the information that goes into a report is strictly confidential in order to protect the users’ privacy. This is also essential to creating a safe space, as Yubo does not want users to be afraid to report bad behaviors. Naturally, moderators will see the report, the category selected, and any additional information the user decided to provide. However, this information is only used to give the moderator context on the situation and never goes any further. The moderator then assesses the situation and refers to our Community Guidelines and safety practices before deciding how to resolve the situation and what action to take.

While we know the idea of reporting can be overwhelming at first, at Yubo we try to make it as easy and straightforward as possible and can assure you that our safety team works hard to help our community feel safe. At Yubo, there is no place for harmful or hateful content or interactions in any form and we plan to keep it that way!

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