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In Support of Ukraine

3 minutes read

- Written by Yubo Team

At Yubo, we stand in solidarity with Ukraine and all of the Ukrainian people in the wake of the current military invasion. Our hearts go out to those who are suffering as a result of the ongoing violence and who have been displaced from their homes. As a European company, we feel deeply affected by this war on our home continent. We are committed to supporting our employees whose families have been impacted by this devastating crisis, and have pledged to donate to essential on-the-ground relief efforts by organizations such as UNICEF, World Food Program, Direct Relief, International Rescue Committee among others to help deliver urgent supplies and services. We are donating to make a difference and will continue to follow the news closely to determine other ways in which we can show our support.  

What is happening in Ukraine?

On February 24, Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, ordered an invasion of its neighboring country Ukraine in protest of Ukraine’s moves towards joining the European Union and NATO (an international military alliance). Within the first day of the attack, hundreds of thousands of Ukranains fled their homes and tried to seek refuge across borders in countries such as Poland, Hungary and Romania. That number has now reached nearly over 1 million, and the EU believes that figure could quickly climb to 7 million. The Ukrainian people are living through terrifying times as bombs and air missiles rain down on them and they seek cover in bomb shelters left over from the Cold War. With millions displaced from their homes and left in freezing temperatures without food, water, shelter, medical supplies and other essential services, Ukraine is facing one of Europe’s worst humanitarian crises in decades. To learn more about the conflict and what’s happening, you can read about it here

How you can help 

  1. Stay informed: Follow journalists, media sources and aid organizations who are on the ground to stay up to date on the current situation and how to help – and be cautious of misinformation by unreliable news sources.
  2. Donate: With millions of Ukrainian people in need of relief, organizations across the world are rallying together to ensure essential resources reach them safely. You can easily support by making a donation to these organizations, or to general funds and personal fundraisers linked here.  
  3. Speak up: Help spread awareness of what is happening in Ukraine and share useful resources with your network of friends and family. 
  4. Go local: See if there are any local food or clothing drives in your area that are transporting supplies to Ukraine for humanitarian aid. 
  5. Contact your government officials: Reach out to your local or national government representatives and urge them to provide safety and protection for Ukrainian refugees. 
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