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Stay Fresh and Safe: Gen Z Tips for Navigating the Social Media Jungle!

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- Written by Yubo Team

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 Stay Fresh and Safe: Gen Z Tips for Navigating the Social Media Jungle! 

Hello Yubo Fam! Welcome aboard the Yubo adventure, where safety, diversity, and fun come together to create an incredible online experience. With over 80 million users worldwide, Yubo is not just an app; it's where the fun comes to life! Ready to slay the social media game while keeping it 100% secure? 

Two Paths to Friendship: Swipe and Livestream

At Yubo, making new friends is as easy as swiping right! Add tags, emojis, and media to your profile to showcase who you truly are. Swipe right on those you want to chat with, and if the feeling is mutual, the conversation begins!

And of course, there are livestreams! Explore live streams based on your interests, language, or title. You can be a viewer or even become a streamer with your own virtual circle of friends.

Location on Yubo

At Yubo, your privacy is paramount. Remember to never share personal details like phone numbers or addresses. Check out our detailed guide below. Concerning location, we respect your choice. When you download the app, decide if you want to share your location or not. Users can opt for sharing only their country or city, making connections with friends. Your safety is our priority at Yubo.


Yubo places security at the core of its commitment. Our recent collaboration with Yoti has implemented an advanced age verification process, ensuring that 100% of our users are verified. One more step towards protection against fake profiles and harmful behaviors.

Protecting Minors

The safety of young users is paramount at Yubo. Strict guidelines, a team of 24/7 security specialists, and real-time interventions ensure a safe environment. Our proactive approach also includes an Independent Safety Advisory Board and partnerships with NGOs and digital security authorities.

Respect and Inclusion: Our Principles

At Yubo, we believe in inclusion and respect. Our Community Guidelines set the standards for promoting a friendly environment. From age verification to protection against discrimination, our commitment to human rights guides our actions every day.

Enforcing Our Guidelines

Violation of our Community Guidelines results in appropriate actions. From warnings to temporary or permanent suspension, we act based on the severity of the violation. Our transparency report provides a detailed insight into the actions taken to enforce these rules.

Tips for a secure Yubo experience

Lock Down Your Deets:

   - Keep it low-key with the personal info you drop.

   - Set those privacy settings to VIP mode.

Friend Requests: Choose Wisely!

   - Only vibe with peeps you actually know.

   - Side-eye profiles with no friends or activity.

Password Power Moves:

   - Flex those brain muscles with strong, unique passwords.

   - Don't be caught slipping with the same password everywhere.

Think Before You Post:

   - Before you spill the tea, think twice.

   - Keep your location on the down-low, no GPS oversharing.

Privacy Settings, The Real MVPs:

   - Follow those privacy settings like a pro.

   - Adjust as needed to match your vibe.

Side-Eye Suspicious Links:

   - Don't get played—avoid unknown links.

   - Verify before you tap, fam.

No Phishing Allowed:

   - Watch out for shady emails or DM phishing schemes.

   - Verify any sketchy messages before taking the bait.

Two-Factor Dance:

   - Add that extra layer of protection with two-factor authentication.

   - Secure your account like a boss.

Curate Your Crew:

   - Keep your friend list tight and right.

   - Declutter and block any vibes that feel off.

Report for the Win:

   - Snitch on strange behavior to the platform.

   - Help keep our online playground safe and sound.

Towards a Safer and Connected Future

At Yubo, we are committed to creating an online community where fun coexists with safety. Let's protect ourselves, follow the rules, and make Yubo a digital space where everyone can be themselves without compromising safety and privacy.

Ready to create a Yubo experience where safety and inclusion go hand in hand? Join us and let's together contribute to creating a Yubo that's safer and more connected than ever!

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