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The Benefits of Yubo's Advanced Verification System

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- Written by Yubo Team

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Yubo: Industry Leaders in Safety

Yubo, a social discovery platform, launched in 2015 is quickly growing and claiming its place as one of the top social apps for Gen Z. On the platform, users ranging from 13-25 can make new friends by finding users of similar interests and can then message or live stream with them, creating long-lasting friendships in this digital age.

But, how can Yubo ensure its users know who they’re talking to is who they say they are, and how can Yubo promise a safe environment online? Yubo’s newest age-verification system can offer teens, and their parents, peace of mind that online friendships have never been safer.

Yubo has become an industry leader in online safety. 

Not only has Yubo enforced an age verification system on the app for years, but now it will be the first major social media app to push age verification across the entirety of the platform. 

On the Yubo App, verifying your age has never been easier or safer. All a user has to do is take a real-time selfie through the app (to ensure it truly is the user) and then the liveness algorithm will take a quick video of the user. The algorithm can even detect whether it is looking at a real human or a static image. Once it has secured an image, the Yoti algorithm will give an estimate of the age and see if it matches the age it claimed to be. Any discrepancies and the user will be asked to provide additional identification further proving their age. With their age selected, they will then be placed in a matching age range on the Yubo App, and can safely message others in that age range without question of who they are. On Yubo, you won’t have to worry and can instead put that focus and energy into making new friends. It’s a win-win for everyone. 

The Benefits of the AVS Algorithm

This new algorithm benefits all Yubo users, and not just because Yubo is enforcing 100% verification. Now, minors, who may not have had IDs, can verify themselves and show the digital world of Yubo that they are who they say they are. So, the minors who weren’t able to verify in the past can now enjoy that bright yellow check mark beside their username. Who said aesthetics and safety couldn’t go together?

But, does this age-verification system really work? 

Yes, and it’s constantly improving. Today, the Yoti algorithm is 98.9 percent accurate in determining if users are above or below the age threshold. With over 550 million age evaluations (and growing) in its database, Yoti is capable of correctly estimating 6-to12-year-old users within a 1.3-year margin and 13-to18-year-old users within a 1.5-year margin regardless of their gender and skin tones. Additionally, Yoti’s liveness detection algorithm has been awarded iBeta certification, which is the industry standard for these practices. While some social media apps like Instagram, are jumping to utilize this technology, Yubo still remains the only platform to ask for the entirety of its user base to verify themselves. 

About Yubo

If you’re looking for a safe online space where young minds can express themselves, head to Yubo. With 60 million users across 40 countries accumulated since 2015, Yubo is a fast-growing Gen Z-focused app and you never have to worry about being bored. Yubo offers messaging, live streaming, interest-based profile tags, and of course, online games to play with friends or to be used as icebreakers. All of the above plus an emphasis on safety, what else could you ask for?

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