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Tips and Tricks On How To Make the Most Out of Yubo Lives

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- Written by Yubo Team

User on Yubo, the Social Discovery app

POV: You’re on the Yubo app, and possibilities in the live feed are endless. What do you do now? We’ll help you decide with the persona that matches you best. 

The Entertainer: Click that plus button and start your own live! Dance, sing, tell stories, wash the dishes, water your dog, walk your fish, whatever you want! People are constantly looking for lives to hang out in, so make yours a welcoming space and instantly start connecting with those who jump in to join you. Don’t stress about the views, Yubo is all about friends, not followers

The One Who Uses Yubo To Pass The Time: Need something to fill the silence while you’re doing – well, anything? For these types of needs, we recommend hopping into one of our lives with multiple streamers – bonus points if you can find a full panel with 10 streamers!  With multiple people in one live, you’re guaranteed to never have a silent moment. Even better, stream Youtube into your live directly from the Yubo App! Fill your own silence and help others fill theirs as well. 

The Debater: We know your type well on Yubo. No matter the hour, you’ll always be able to find a debate live to hop into. While you're entitled to share your opinions, we do want to ensure debate lives are a safe space. Stay respectful and be sure to enunciate. Comment warriors, this is for you as well.

The One Here for A Good Time: If you’re ready for it, join the #1 live on Yubo! The more viewers, the more energy. Be sure to raise your hand to join the stream and add to the entertainment, or react from the comments and raise the energy in your own way! 

The World Traveler: Do you want to see the world, but still have to save up for the big trip? Meet people from all over the world with Yubo! Set your preferred live location to Tokyo, Rome, Paris, or anywhere you want! Meet people who will virtually show you around their hometowns or who can even help you learn their language, just like this user who learned 7 languages with YuboC'est incroyable!

The Gamer or Anime Lover: Tired of gamers being grouped in with anime? Don’t worry, the Yubo App separates these into two separate categories of lives. Users hosting lives about gaming or anime can be found in dedicated tabs to help you ensure you find your kind of people that you can weeb out with. 

The User Who Isn’t Into Lives: Don’t worry there’s room on Yubo for you too! Head over to our swipes tab and start matching with friends! Maybe you’ll even find a friend group that makes you love lives. 

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