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What is Yubo?

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- Written by Yubo Team

We’ve all wondered it. Whether you’ve heard someone mention the app, come across it on social media, or seen it on the app store’s list of social networking apps. Before downloading, while looking at that bright yellow smile, you think:

What is Yubo?

It’s a social discovery app that utilizes swiping between profiles and live stream videos in order to meet new people from all over the world. And yes, it is just friends

But, what can you do on Yubo?

There’s a whole Yuboverse to explore. On the live streaming side you can go live with up to 10 friends on camera or mic, and if that’s not enough, an infinite number of viewers can also be engaging in the comments section and joining in on the jokes you and your friends make live. Spend quality time with your friends by playing virtual games like charades or pictionary to get the icebreakers out of the way, or screensharing your phone to watch TikToks and funny videos with others who could use a good laugh.

Despite those features, the best part of Yubo is the people. In the lives, you truly won’t ever know what to expect. Dancing cosplayers, the cutest and funniest looking pets (yes, even snakes), soon-to-be comedians inviting viewers to their live “stage” one by one, and many other forever memories being made each day. Take your own time getting acclimated to the virtual live environment, and start small with solo streamer lives or hop into the biggest live and start commenting right away. That way, you’re putting yourself out there at your own pace.

Worried about not finding your friend group? Don’t be. There’s every type of personality on the Yubo App, and people are just as eager as you to meet new friends. It may take a few lives, a few messages, or even a few friend requests to find exactly who you connect with best, but eventually, like all our users, you’ll find it. 

If you’re not quite ready to hop into live streams, check out the swipes. Find profiles of users that match your interests and starting creating friendships right away. Or go to tags, your profile’s banners that showcase your favorite interests. Dying to discuss the new episodes of Stranger Things but none of your IRL friends have seen it? Click on the tag to find other Stranger Things enthusiasts, maybe they’ll even be able to give you some other recommendations. Making friends hasn’t been this easy since giving someone your pudding cup in first grade. 

Don’t have any pudding cups to give out? Try Pixels instead. They’re the Yubo App’s digital collectables meant to send as gifts to friends or collect them yourself! Bonus points for doing both. For every new Pixel collection, we work with an artist who creates a series of fun, unique, funky and fresh characters that combine the energy of Yubo with the true style of the artist. 

Pixels are just one of the many aspects of Yubo that allow our users to develop more meaningful connections with each other. If you’re celebrating your birthday with Yubo, get ready to receive your zodiac sign Pixel, which is way better than the classic birthday post. But, stay alert, there are a lot of Pixel fiends on Yubo and you may even become one too. Can you collect them all?

Yubo emphasizes the social aspect of being a social media app. There’s no feed to post carefully curated moments or likes to compare popularity through numbers. On Yubo, life is live. You can put forth the real you and feel accepted by millions of other users searching for that same level of friendship. The Yuboverse is wide, and there’s a piece of it waiting for you.

Is Yubo a dating app?

No, we’re a friendship app. Yubo’s features are designed for small group interactions, just like hanging out with your friends. We don’t encourage meeting in real life to prioritize the safety of you and all of our users. Yubo is designed for friendship and friendship only.

What was Yubo, where did it come from? 

Well, Yubo was originally Yellow (shoutout to our users who’ve been with us since Yellow). You may even remember that. Yellow was a Snapchat companion app that would help you find new friends on Snapchat. Everyday, Yellow would randomly pair you up with another person and you would take the conversation from there, possibly creating a new beautiful friendship in the process. Since the days of Yellow, our core values still remain the same: we want to connect people virtually and give them a place to socialize in a real way – as real as they would in real life. Since then, we have come a long way and created a truly unique user experience with community at its center. Why did Yellow change its name to Yubo? We actually allowed the community to decide! We hosted a vote asking our users what name they think we should take on for the next iteration of the app, and Yubo was the final verdict! 

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