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What is Yubo used for?

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Yubo, a live social discovery app, has grown quickly across the globe. But, why is that? What is this yellow app and more importantly, what is the purpose of Yubo?

Yubo, is an app created to make it easy for people to expand their social circles, make friends and socialize online with people from around the world. Founded in 2015, Yubo was created with one purpose in mind: to find friends. Eventually, we expanded into our own standalone app, one that allows our users to meet unique personalities from all over the world in a safe virtual environment. 

How to Make Friends on Yubo?

While the possibilities to form friendships on Yubo are endless, there are two core aspects of Yubo that help you find and create long lasting friendships: the livestreams and the swipes. 

How does Yubo swiping work?

You’re likely already aware of how swiping works, since it’s used across many different types of apps you may have already encountered. But in case you’re not, here’s exactly how it works on Yubo: a profile appears on your screen with a personalized bio, as many pictures and videos as a user wishes to add, emojis to showcase the person’s personality, tags that show specific interests, and of course, their display name. You’ll check out the profile and if you decide you’d like to add them as a friend or start a conversation, you’ll swipe right. If you don’t think your personalities will match well, then you swipe left. It’s as simple as that.

If you match, you can begin messaging each other, which as we know, can sometimes be the hardest part of making new friends. Getting those awkward icebreakers and how are you? is out of the way. Yubo will suggest a few options of openings for you, just simple ones, but it’s an easy click to get the conversation started. After that, it’s all up to you. Be sure to check out their profile to find out more about their interests to make for more exciting conversation.

What about if you’re looking for someone to discuss the latest episode of your favorite anime show with? Simply, add that interest tag to your profile and then search for others with that same tag! We refer to that as “add by tags” – it’s one of our users’ favorite systems for finding friends and makes starting conversations easy. But, if messaging one-on-one isn’t your thing, then jump into one of our thousands of livestreams!

How does Yubo live streaming work?

In Yubo lives, you have the world to discover right at your fingertips. Any country, any language, any interest, just hop into a Yubo Live and start chatting. Lives range from one person to ten people streaming and can have an unlimited number of viewers. If you’re more comfortable talking with one person or small groups, there’s lives for that. If you’d rather be part of a large crowd watching different people display their talents, share hilarious stories or talk about their day, there’s lives for that. Yubo is all about what is comfortable to you, and what interests you. There is something for everyone. 

Huge movie buff? Join a Youtube watchparty on Yubo! Magician in training? Hop into a talent Live and practice your profession. Need to focus on homework? Start your own Live and put up a sign telling others to study with you! Wanting to discuss politics, but none of your IRL friends are interested? Join a debate Live (just make sure to keep it respectful)! 

We also offer a variety of in-app games while livestreaming such as would you rather, drawing quizzes, and more! They’re easy to do and a great way to introduce yourself to others, or to spend time playing with friends! And, even better, on our live streams we offer a wide selection of filters for you to use while on camera if you so chose. 

Is Yubo a safe app?

Most importantly, safety is at the core of every decision made at Yubo. We don’t collect your private information to use for targeted advertisements. All we ask is for a photo and birthdate for verification purposes with our new AI verification process. It’s easy and helps to ensure everyone you’re talking to on Yubo is the real deal. 

More than that, we have a vast moderation team and processes in place to keep your interactions on the app positive. But, you have control too. In the “muted words” section of your profile add words you’d rather not see in live or in your messages. And, if you come across a user not respecting the community guidelines or your own boundaries, you’re able to report them and our safety team will investigate it further and take appropriate action if necessary. 

Interested in learning more about Yubo?

Learn more about what Yubo is here! 

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