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What type of Yubo user are you based on your Zodiac sign?

You’ve used your astrology sign to determine your best matches, how your day will go, and probably what type of Boba tea you are. But, now is the true test: what type of Yubo user are you? What do you do on Yubo? Find your zodiac sign below to discover:

Astrology Sign Taurus Yubo Pixel

Taurus: The Sleeper. You’re the one who inevitably closes their eyes and falls asleep on live. It hasn’t happened just once or twice, it’s happened a few times and will continue to happen. 

Astrology Sign Sagittarius Yubo Pixel

Sagittarius: The Pixel Sender. Everyone’s favorite user. You love Yubo’s pixels and even more than collecting them, you love to send them. Putting a smile on your friends’ faces brings you joy, plus you love your profile appearing under the pixels they received. 

Astrology Sign Aries Yubo Pixel

Aries: The 1,000 Swipes a Minute Swiper. You love making matches and making friends, but even more than that you love the excitement of the swipe. With a swipe every 2 seconds though, you like to leave those matches up to chance. 

Astrology Sign Pisces Yubo Pixel

Pisces: The One Who Misses The Live Because They Were Late. You tell your friends “I’ll be on in 5” – but 5 minutes quickly turns into 30 minutes. Then, the 30 turns into 60, the 60 turns into 90, and you get the idea. Your friends forgive you, but now you missed out on the latest inside joke. 

Astrology Sign Leo Yubo Pixel

Leo: The Game Maker: You don’t wait for the fun to start, you create your own. You’re the one the group relies on to make fun and creative game lives. You’re always trying to brainstorm new exciting ideas and the other streamers and viewers love you for it. 

Astrology Sign Capricorn Yubo Pixel

Capricorn: The one who’s always at work. You practically have “I’m at work” set as a shortcut in your phone. During every live you have to constantly mute yourself due to the chatter of the other employees around you. Your friends on live even know your coworkers and manager. You may work a lot, but the time passes quickly since you’re also on Yubo. 

Astrology Sign Libra Yubo Pixel

Libra: The Live Hopper. You’re constantly looking for the next thing that keeps your attention. You will even circle back to lives you’ve already hopped in, but you like to only stay a maximum of 90 seconds in each one. Only the most entertaining lives can hope to keep you for 120 seconds.

Astrology Sign Gemini Yubo Pixel

Gemini: The One Who Only Closes the App Because Their Phone Died. Yubo is life (don’t worry, we get it). Wake up. Yubo. Brush Teeth. Yubo. Eat. Yubo. Anything. Yubo. While some may call it an obsession, we call it spending time with friends and future friends. 

Astrology Sign Aquarius Yubo Pixel

Aquarius: The silent viewer. You stick around to watch the lives out of curiosity or entertainment, but you don’t need to type on the keyboard or be invited up to stream to stay entertained. You’re perfectly fine enjoying the laughs and reading the humorous comments that tend to accompany the best lives. 

Astrology Sign Virgo Yubo Pixel

Virgo: The Collector. You’re a perfectionist and that means you have to have every pixel. 98% isn't enough. You need the full amount and you will keep messaging @Yubo_App on Instagram until they help you figure out how to add the old pixels to your collection. 

Astrology Sign Scorpio Yubo Pixel

Scorpio: The Live is Not Over Until I Say It’s Over-er. Your friends may slowly drop off the live, either getting tired or having to move on to other tasks in their lives, but you’ll keep that live going like you’re aiming to break a record. You’ll keep messaging friends on and off the app to join and use whatever tactics you must to get them to stay on the live. 

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