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Yubo Horoscope: Halloween

3 minutes read

- Written by Yubo Team

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Witches, warlocks, goblins and ghouls can give quite a fright, but what will await you on Yubo this Halloween night? Find your zodiac sign below to see what the crystal ball has predicted. 

Taurus - Reaffirming to the streamers that there will NOT be scary stories shared. While you love the festivities of Halloween, you can do without the spooky parts. Be ready to tell them every few seconds that there’s a strict no scary stories allowed policy in your livestream rooms. Let that Taurus energy shine. 

Aries - Falling for the Trick on Yubo Live. Trick-or-treat except it’s a trick with no treat. There’s not many ways for others to trick you, but people tend to get extra creative on Halloween. When you choose “trick” during the game on live, you won’t be expecting the jump scare you’ll receive. It probably won’t be a lesson learned, but your Yubo friends will make sure you don’t forget that moment for a while. 

Gemini - Ghosthunting on Yubo Live. You're determined to prove to the viewers that your house is indeed haunted. Whether it’s true or you made up the horror story about the sweet family who lived in the home 200 years ago, no one will know for sure. But, now's the time for you to show just how haunted that house is. The lights begin to flicker. Is it the ghost or did you overload the circuit? 

Aquarius - Making New Friends, completely unrelated to Halloween. What? It’s already Halloween? You’ll be just hanging out on Yubo, messaging some awesome new, totally not spooky, people. If you’re up to it, you’ll be extra kind and send them a special Halloween pixel. 

Cancer - Hiding from the scary stories in layers of blankets, but still streaming. You have a love-hate relationship with scary stories. They terrify you, but they also exhilarate you. You will invite different users up to share their spookiest story, and with each story you’ll grab another blanket to create a protective layer between the monsters and you. You’ll eventually grab your dog, cat, or ferret for more comfort, but you’re too enthralled by the story of the woman in the rosebush. Spoiler: it’s thorny. 

Leo - Collecting All of the Halloween Pixels. Did someone say limited edition spooky pixels? You love showing off your pixel collection, so you’ll make it more special by adding the most exclusive pixels you can. Perhaps you’ll even be inspired to mimic one as your Halloween costume: the evil jack o’lantern, zombie jock, stylish witch, classic creepy doll, hip vampire, or the Skeleton who’s bad to the bone? Just avoid dogs if you chose the last one. 

Virgo - Taking your Live audience on the carefully laid out trick-or-treat route you’ve made up. Would some consider you as a little old to be trick-or-treating? Possibly, but we celebrate you for embracing the Halloween spirit. All the past years of trick-or-treating have prepared you for this night: the night where you’ll reach a record high of candy received. Your viewers will be in awe at your skill and it may even inspire them to go trick-or-treating one more time. 

Libra - Brainstorming 100+ different halloween Live titles. Halloween Fun. Too basic. Ghouls and ghosts. No one will understand that. Pumpkin Spice. Yeah, you’ll figure it out eventually. You’ll keep changing it throughout your Live. The viewers and other streamers will critique your choices, and cause you to change the title yet again. But, eventually, you’ll come across the perfect spooky name for your livestream. 

Scorpio - Hosting the makeup or special effects Live. It’s time to show off that artistic talent you’ve been practicing for months. Will there be gore, fright, or just something that shows well under your ring light? We cannot wait to see what creative look you’ll be creating!

Sagittarius - Wearing the best costume ever. While the crystal ball can’t foresee what costume that is, it’s clear that it’s unique. That costume will become your new personality for the next few months. It’ll take over your profile pictures, profile videos, bio section, and you may still even wear it a few times afterwards when invited up to stream. 

Capricorn - Hosting the Halloween Dance Party. Scream & Shout because it’s time to host the most epic Halloween virtual dance party ever witnessed. Heads will Roll at the amount of Spooky, Scary Skeletons doing the Time Warp in perfect unison. Whether you’re playing Thriller or a Ghostbusters remix, make sure you join the party before I Put A Spell On You. After all, This is Halloween. 

Pisces - Sharing Their Craziest Halloween Story. What’s the scariest thing on Halloween? The antics a Pisces gets up to. We know you have some absolutely insane stories to share, and we’re sure your fellow Yubo users can’t wait to hear them. No matter how many times you’ll tell the story, it will never get old and it never fails to leave your listeners a little ghostly. 

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