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Yubo Horoscope: Music

3 minutes read

- Written by Yubo Team

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Our music taste defines us. It can be a direct reflection of our innermost emotions, thoughts and experiences. Not only that, but we also turn to music to enhance our mood. Post-breakup, for example, you may choose to sit in a dark room blasting heartbreak songs to revel in those feels, or choose to change gears and play Pharrell’s Happiness to try to bring your own happiness in. Music is powerful. So, let’s take a look at what music genre you should listen to, based on your zodiac sign

Aries: Heavy Metal

Aries tend to be known for their energetic and somewhat impulsive nature, so it only seems fitting that heavy metal would be your go-to genre. Heavy metal is known for its raw and aggressive sound that can help ignite your fiery and energetic personality even more. Get ready to headbang with this playlist.

Gemini: Electronic

The experimental and ever-evolving world of electronic music perfectly fits the inquisitive personality of the Gemini. Your playful nature is only increased by this genre’s high-energy and danceable beats. So, let loose, and let the music takeover. Discover new electronic music with this playlist. 

Taurus: Rhythm and Blues

You were probably imagining something a bit more hard-hitting for a Taurus, well, we’re looking more inward for this one. The stubborn and enduring nature of the taurus is well suited for the smooth and soulful sound of R&B while your loyalty helps you resonate with the genre’s romantic and heartfelt lyrics. For some classic tunes, we recommend this playlist.

Libra: Pop

Your friendly and charming nature makes you a natural fan of the upbeat and catchy sound of pop music. Pop music and Libras both have an energetic and optimistic nature. Try to get your friends involved and boost their mood with this playlist

Cancer: Folk

Those born under the Cancer zodiac are famous for their empathetic and nurturing nature, which matches well with the intimate and heartfelt sound of folk music. Folk music’s introspective lyrics can resonate with your emotions and help you feel seen on a level no other genres can. Tap into your emotions with this playlist

Leo: Hard Rock

Your confident and ambitious nature is perfectly suited to the loud and powerful sound of hard rock music. Hard rock’s bold and anthemic themes resonate with your larger-than-life personality, while its dramatic flair appeals to your more, say, attention-seeking side. So, Leo, rock out with this playlist. 

Virgo: Classical

Now, you may be a bit disappointed in this one, but just stay with us here. Classical is the only genre that can challenge a Virgo. The precise and intricate sound of classical musical meshes with your meticulous and detail-oriented nature. Plus, the genre’s complex compositions and technical skill will definitely appeal to your analytical and intellectual tendencies. Enjoy this timeless and elegant style with this playlist. If you hate it, we apologize. 

Scorpio: Soul

Scorpios are some of the most intense and passionate individuals making them a perfect match for the raw and emotional sound of soul music. This genre’s soulful style reflects the sensitivity and inner turmoil most Scorpios like to hide, while the passion in the tune and lyrics will help uplift you. Make this your new go-to genre with this playlist. 

Aquarius: Alternative

As the rebel of the zodiac, it’d be no surprise that Aquariuses are most suited for alternative music. Known for being progressive thinkers who are unpredictable and unique, an Aquarius likely celebrates these same attributes that are found in alternative music. Plus, you aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo, just like alternative music often does. Explore the world of alternative music with this playlist. 

Sagittarius: Hip Hop

Sagittarians are adventurous and optimistic people who love to take risks and explore new horizons, making hip hop music a natural fit for your personality. The boundary-pushing and innovative spirit of hip hop will resonate with your desire for change and innovation. Plus, the upbeat sound of hip hop matches your can-do attitude. Feel more empowered and motivated with this hip hop playlist. 

Capricorn: Jazz

Jazz is the perfect music choice for a Capricorn. The virtuosic performances will likely appeal to your determination and discipline. So, if you find yourself enjoying some smooth jazz in your free time, enjoy it. It’s just another way to keep yourself grounded while striving for greatness. If you’re not sure where to start, we recommend this playlist

Pisces: Indie

As the dreamer of the zodiac, Pisces are most suited for the incredibly unique sound of indie music. Compassionate and deeply emotional, you’re drawn to the more introspective items in life, including indie music. With your strong artistic sense and appreciation for creativity, indie music is the perfect genre for you to listen to. We recommend losing yourself in this playlist. 

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