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Yubo Horoscope: Superheros

3 minutes read

- Written by Yubo Team

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What superhero would chill with you in a Yubo Live based on your zodiac sign? Here’s your spoiler-free Yubo horoscope – superhero edition. 

Aries: Wonder Woman 

Not only are you a God(ess), but you are equally headstrong and as you are romantic, just like Princess Diana. She’ll never let anything keep her from doing what she thinks is right, and she’ll never let anything come between her and the people she loves. Your livestream would start out with you asking her questions about the superhero life, but it eventually will turn into a mush-sesh as you talk about your love for the relationships you each have in your lives. 

Taurus: Thor

Stubborn, determined, strong, and hilarious with great hair. Sound like anyone you know? You and Thor will not only get along well due to your similar (and charming) characteristics, but the humor levels of that livestream will definitely be top-notch. Make sure you send us an invite to that one! 

Gemini: Iron Man 

Some would say you are persuaded by your passions. Whether it’s pursuing different love interests, acting on a whim, or designing roughly 93 flying metal suits, you have a lot more in common with Tony Stark than you may think. The crazy ideas the two of you would come up with in a livestream are almost unimaginable. 

Cancer: Scarlet Witch *Mandatory spoiler alert* 

Sure, some people may think someone who created an entire fantasy town and life, forcing others to join in the fantasy, just because she missed someone might be a little overdramatic. But as a Cancer, you totally get it. You and Scarlet Witch would have a great time chilling together in a Yubo livestream, just try to avoid brainwashing others, if you can. 

Leo: Loki

We’re not actually quite sure if you two would get along as the most likely result of this livestream would be you two constantly trying to one-up each other and proving how each of you is the most cunning and all-around best in the livestream. Still, it would certainly be a welcomed challenge to you, as you’re never one to turn down a competition.

Virgo: Vision

Don’t worry, we’re not saying you’re like a robot, we’re saying your thought processes are on the level of a super-intelligent robot who can save the world. That’s why you and Vision would get along well. Others may find the livestream a bit too calculated, but all that matters is that you and Vision found a worthy match in each other

Libra: Spiderman

Like the red-latex hero, you understand and value the importance of friendships and relationships. You can get along with most people, but you chose to put most of yourself into your closest relationships. A livestream between you and Spiderman would likely be one of those most wholesome Lives ever witnessed.  

Scorpio: Black Widow

A livestream between you and Black Widow would likely be one of the most epic and have the best vibes of any livestream ever to exist. Do we need to elaborate? No, Scorpios get it. But, if you’re not a Scorpio who is reading this, well, they’ll match so perfectly because they’re both brave, ambitious, a bit secretive, and have a certain charm when it comes to others. 

Sagittarius: Bruce Banner & The Hulk 

As a Sagittarius, you tend to be adventurous and take chances, just like Bruce Banner did when he became The Hulk in the name of science. While we don’t recommend utilizing life-altering sci-fi serums or testing these on yourself, we think you’d really relate to taking the chance with Bruce Banner and getting the opportunity to Hulk Smash everything in your path. 

Capricorn: Superman

What better match for a Capricorn than the toughest alien in the world (we won’t be debating this)? While your personalities may not mesh perfectly, at the core, you both share similar values of being hardworking, loyal, persistent, and even sometimes, a bit sensitive (don’t worry, this is positive). Even the man of Steel himself allows his emotions to drive him towards what’s right. 

Aquarius: Batman

You read Batman and assumed we were comparing you to young billionaire, Bruce Wayne. Well, not quite. You're like his full-on alter ego, Batman (who is arguably much cooler than Bruce Wayne). You’re not worried about the niceties of socialization and tend to be a bit more to the point. You’ll follow your instincts, and don’t mind overcoming a few obstacles. We think the two of you in a livestream would be a blast, either in a fun way or when you two become sworn enemies. Hopefully, it’s the fun way. 

Pisces: Dr. Strange

At first glance, the serious doctor-type may not be a fitting livestream companion, but Dr.Strange is the perfect best friend to help ground you. Pisces energy is hard to define and often it can feel like you’re living in a different world. So, who better to be your Live co-host than a man who has experience with the otherworldly and an unmatched level of creativity, and who no matter what you say, would never view you as crazy? 

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