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Yubo Horoscope: Video Games

3 minutes read

- Written by Yubo Team

Video game

Video games have helped shape our world, and likely have had an impact on your life in some way. But, what if you were to enter the world of your favorite video game? Find your zodiac sign below to discover what video game’s world you’d thrive (and survive) in. 

Aries: Grand Theft Auto V

What better for an Aries than a free for all world where you can cause as much conflict as you could ever dream of, and face very few repercussions? The Grand Theft Auto universe is your sandbox to be as headstrong and impulsive as you’d like, as long as you’re not a pedestrian. For this one, make sure you’re the main character. And if you ever get in over your head, well, just respawn! 

Taurus: The Last of Us

Mushroom zombies got nothing on the loyalty and perseverance of a Taurus. Sure, you may be a little scared, but knowing you have to protect those you care about will make you stronger than any video game character could ever dream to be. You won’t go down without a fight, and you’ll discover your true inner and outer strength while doing so. 

Gemini: BioShock

One of the scariest indirect horror games to ever be released, BioShock will offer excitement to any Gemini. For some reason, you love horror and mystery and diving into the creepy underwater city, Rapture is a dreamy Saturday afternoon. Given you’re a natural social spirit, you’ll make some questionable friends and have tales to share for years to come. 

Cancer: Animal Crossing

Don’t worry, Cancer, you probably read the games above this and we’re getting pretty nervous, but we think your go-to game world would be the lovely land of Animal Crossing. Kind animal neighbors, a cute and cozy farm to maintain, and tons of friends to make! 

Leo: Sid Meier’s Civilization VI

In case you’re not familiar with Civilization VI, it’s essentially choosing a famous leader in history and playing through from the stone age to the modern age while trying to build the most successful empire ever. And that’s the kind of environment a Leo would thrive in. Your ambition will help propel your empire the farthest it can go. Just make sure that Leo energy doesn’t go to your head and turn you into a dictator. But hey, it’s your empire. 

Virgo: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

A game world where every choice you make significantly impacts your life? Perfect for an overthinking Virgo! While it may seem intimidating now, we trust you’ll be able to prove your loyalty and form genuine friendships in the world of The Witcher. It also may help you unwind a bit, lose the pressures you put on yourself, and enjoy being a magical fighter. 

Libra: The Sims 4

In this video game world, you’ll still be a Sim, but also the controller of all Sims. Libras are naturally extroverted and friendly. You’ll have no problem meeting all your new neighbors and forming great connections. And, if you don’t get along with someone, it's your world to decide how to deal with that (such as removing the ladder from the pool). 

Scorpio: Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Scorpio, this one wasn’t chosen for you as much as the story of a single Jedi fighting against the dark side, but more because we think you’d be an absolute force if you were given the power of the Force. The intensity of a Scorpio can barely be contained normally, now add magic powers, and wow. There’s a solid chance your passions will turn you to the dark side, but if it does, you’ll be one of the greatest Siths ever met. 

Aquarius: Minecraft

Minecraft’s Overworld is where an Aquarius can turn their unique ideas into physical structures. Explore to your heart's content, fend off creepers, build anything and everything, and dig down to the center of the earth. Being in the Overworld will allow you to free yourself of these worldly restrictions.

Sagittarius: Pokemon Go

The ‘gotta catch ‘em all’ world of Pokemon is the perfect choice for a Sagittarius. Embrace your adventurous side as you hunt for Pokemon and never give up hope that you’ll achieve your greatest goals. What Pokemon will be your starter? That’s a horoscope for another time. 

Capricorn: Super Mario Party

Capricorn, I know you know this one is an absolutely perfect fit. Enter Mushroom World (yes, this is the official name) and beat out all others to become the winner. Capricorns were made for a world of completing challenges and activities to prove yourselves. And you have no doubts you’ll succeed at everything. 

Pisces: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

A Pisces needs a world just as magical as them, that’s why you belong in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. There, your natural curiosity will help you uncover hidden treasures. You can be as daring as you wish to be and connect with nature on a deeper level than you could ever achieve on earth.

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