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Yubo Horoscope: What Rom-Com You'd Star In

3 minutes read

- Written by Yubo Team

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Love is in the air this Valentine’s Day, and no matter how you’ll be spending it, here’s the Rom-Com you’ll be staring in based on your zodiac sign

Cancer: The Notebook

You probably just got teary-eyed seeing the title of The Notebook. It’s okay, Cancers, we know this one requires some tears. A forbidden love that overcomes time, division, and life is the type of romance you are made for. This Valentine’s Day, maybe you can start writing the first of those 365 letters. 

Aries: Clueless

Comparing you to Cher? Ugh, as if! While yes, Cher can be a bit impulsive, impatient, and a small instigator, her heart is unmatched. She acts impulsively in ways that she believes will benefit others (such as setting up her two teachers). And at the end of it all, she realizes her mistakes, and falls for the one who consistently helps her become her best self, which after all, is the most you can ask for from a partner

Taurus: How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

A career-driven individual who is so stubborn they pursue an insane challenge just to prove they can. Sounds familiar? The stubbornness and persistence Andie demonstrates in this rom-com can only be matched by a Taurus. Eventually, though, after spending a painstaking amount of time attempting to prove yourself, you’ll realize there are other, more important aspects to life and open yourself to new possibilities. 

Gemini: The Kissing Booth

Just like Elle, Geminis like to do it all, and can do it all. You follow your wants, and rather than wishing for it to happen, you make it happen. This is your life, so you decide to live it as you want and live it with pride. Whether it’s mastering the moves on Dance Dance Revolution, sharing your uncensored opinions, or pursuing that one person who makes you feel a way you’ve never felt before, The Kissing Booth is the rom-com you’d most likely find yourself in. 

Aquarius: Set It Up

You may not be as familiar with this Netflix rom-com, so here’s a quick rundown:

Two corporate employees who have dedicated their lives to the job decide to set up their two bosses in hopes of opening more free time for themselves. Of course, this set-up leads to the two employees, seemingly opposites, falling in love. Just like Aquarius’s, the two main characters are quite clever and forge their own paths. 

Leo: She’s All That

Leos, we know your high self-esteem is incomparable most of the time, and that’s okay. Just like Zack, being overly confident can push you to engage in a bet that offers no winners. What happens when someone ignores Leos’ attention, you ask? Well, it’s not like you were going to let it go that easy, and the argument can just go on and on because of your stubbornness… However, there’s always that one person who can bring you around and help you drop that mask. 

Virgo: 10 Things I hate About You

Headstrong perfectionist who feels ununderstood in this wild world may apply to you, but it also applies to Kat from 10 Things I Hate About You. Like her, you proudly speak your mind and want to achieve everything you’ve dreamed of. Though, for you, Virgo, this Valentine’s Day you may just find out that the unexpected could be a bit welcomed. And by unexpected, we mean a schoolwide musical performance. 

Pisces: 13 Going on 30 

You, as a Pisces, are likely a dreamer who often can be viewed as living between reality and another world. Just like this magical rom-com, you dream of the day of being thirty, flirty, and thriving. But despite all of that, you’re a mushy romantic who will follow your heart no matter what. 

Libra: A Cinderella Story

To clarify, this is referencing Hillary Duff and Chad Michale Murray’s iconic retelling of Cinderella. You’re a social butterfly who cares about others and, in doing so, can often put yourself last. Well, Libra, just like Sam, we want to discover the importance of filling your glass before you fill others and stand up for what you believe in. Chad Michael Murray is just the bonus on top of that self-fulfillment.

Scorpio: The Hating Game

What screams Scorpio more than an enemy to lovers rom-com? Like this tension-filled rom-com, you can be intense and put your emotions out there. You're honest about how you feel and aren’t afraid to get your hands dirty for some much-needed (light) revenge either. 

Sagittarius: To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

Sagittariuses take chances, and so does Laura Jean. Sure, sending your past unsent love letters to your ex-crushes may seem like a mistake, but Laura took the opportunity to create a plan of her own and fake-dated Peter. In true Sagittarius fashion, Laura Jean took an optimistic & brilliant leap to resolve an issue, and ended up even happier in the end. 

Capricorn: Crazy, Stupid, Love 

We’re changing up a bit for Capricorns, and rather than saying you’re the main character, you’d be all the main characters of this hectic film. Like Cal (Steve Carell), you like to stick to traditions and what you know. You’re a rule follower, and that’s okay. Like Jacob (Ryan Gosling), you’re determined to get what you want and diligent about how you go about achieving it. While you like to be practical as Hannah (Emma Stone), not everything can go as planned, and that’s okay to accept as you never know where your heart will take you. 

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