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Yubo Joins Pink October

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- Written by Yubo Team

Young woman with pink ribbon for Pink October

In October, Yubo wears pink to raise awareness about breast cancer impact and prevention. 

In the United States, on average, 1 in 8 women will get breast cancer in their lifetime. In France, where Yubo was founded, 1 in 8 women will get breast cancer in their lifetime. Breast cancer does not choose who to affect and no matter who or where you are, someone in your life or even yourself is at risk. That is why Yubo is joining Pink October alongside partnership with the renowned research center Marie Curie Institute, Medisur laboratory, Cancer@Work, and TrainMe to help raise awareness among our employees, their friends, and their families and to teach the importance of preventative screening and prioritizing their health.

Yubo X Pink October 2022

Yubo’s Pink October program focuses on bettering our team and putting their health first, through learning, experience sharing and wellness teaching. 

Yubo employees will be attending seminars with the Marie Curie Institute, a leader in breast cancer treatment, where we will be listening and talking to expert spokespersons on good practices for personal health and the different forms of breast cancer. Through participating in the Pink October program, Yubo will also be financially supporting the Marie Curie Institute with a donation toward its incredible life-saving research. 

A conference led by Medisur will inform Yubo team members about what the breast cancer screening process accounts for, and the life-saving importance of self-examination. Medisur works with companies and organizations to put their employees and members health first. They will also hear testimonials from Natahlie Presson, Director of Cancer@Work, and its members Louise Massing and Franck Martinez. 20-30% of women who are diagnosed with breast cancer, will lose their jobs, taking away their financial security and their health insurance. Cancer@Work aids breast cancer warriors and survivors in finding jobs by recognizing their strengths, rather than focusing on the “blank” periods on their resumes. 

Yubo team will also be participating in classes with TrainMe to help all employees focus on their mental and physical well-being. Not only is preventative screening necessary to protect your health, but so is nurturing your body and your mind. 

Yubo App X Pink October 2022

The Yubo App is adding a brand new filter for Pink October. The new filter, featuring pink hair pom poms, a pink tint over the whole video, a small pink heart on the user’s nose, and of course, a ribbon for breast cancer awareness on the screen, will be available to all users. We at Yubo not only want to show our support, but we want to assist our users with raising awareness and vocalizing their own support through the use of this filter. 

Our team is showing our users how we support Pink October through our social media channels too. We’ll be posting our team wearing pink and encouraging users to help spread awareness about breast cancer and breast cancer prevention. 

What is Pink October?

Pink October is coined worldwide to describe October as a month to raise awareness about breast cancer. Pink October mainly focuses on education about breast cancer, early detection and possible symptoms, but it also is used as a month to raise money towards research, treatments, education and emotional support for those diagnosed or potential patients. If you’re looking to get involved with Pink October, check out the activities calendar offered by the National Breast Cancer Foundation. . 

When did Pink October start and when did the pink ribbon begin to represent breast cancer?

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month was founded in 1985 by the American Cancer Society and a pharmaceutical division to promote breast cancer prevention. In 1991, the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation handed out pink ribbons rather than the traditional pink visor to breast cancer survivors participating in a charity run.

Though the pink ribbon didn’t become synchronous with breast cancer that year, it only took one more year for the symbol to spread nationally. In 1993, is when the Senior Corporate Vice President of the Estee Lauder Companies (yes the cosmetics company), Evelyn Lauder, made a deal with the editor-in-chief of Self magazine, to promote the pink ribbon at their cosmetic counters across the country. Read more about the evolution and the history of the pink ribbon here

Is there a specific day to wear pink in October?

There is no specific day to wear pink in October or any part of the year as breast cancer doesn’t only affect its victims at select times. But, there are organized activities, fundraisers, runs, and more to support Pink October and breast cancer awareness in general, that you may want to sport pink for. For example, on the official Real Kids Wear Pink Day, students all across the nation are encouraged to wear pink to raise awareness in their communities and help fight against breast cancer. Real Kids Wear Pink was founded by an eleven year old girl in New York, who believed that when kids come together, great things can happen

The Marie Curie Institute / Institut Curie

The Marie Curie Institute, formed in 1970 thanks to the work done by Marie Curie and her colleagues on radioactivity, is an internationally-renowned research center with over 3,300 researchers, physicians and caregivers all working together for the Institute’s main missions: treatment, research and teaching. Marie Curie, a revolutionary physicist and chemist, is the only woman to have won two Nobel Prizes. 

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