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Yubo Launches New “Causes” Tags To Reflect Desire For Valuable Connections

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- Written by Yubo Team

Yubo the Social Discovery app launches social causes tags

Yubo Launches New “Causes” Tags To Reflect Desire For Valuable Connections

Gen Z is the generation that grew up with smartphones glued to our hands. Memes are our second language, the power of the internet is right at our fingertips, and we really know how to harness it! But, let's be real, besides funny cat videos and the latest TikToks, there are plenty of ways in which the internet can be used – and talking politics and activism is one of them. Making up 10% of the global electorate, Gen Z is not just a bunch of screen-tappers. We are a force to be reckoned with!

Politics is an unavoidable and important part of life. For young people, it is so now more than ever. With us being famously at the forefront of political grassroots movements such as School Strike for Climate, it is important for Yubo to reflect on the political stances and values our users have. Just like our users, who are constantly evolving, we are always on the lookout for innovative technologies, working outside the beaten track, to evolve with them.

Initially, Yubo introduced our “Add by tag” feature to promote better and more lasting meaningful connections. In the past year, our users connected through their shared love of epic tunes, latest films, sports, video games, or other leisure activities that made up nineteen tag categories Yubo currently features. Knowing that for many young people nowadays dedication to causes is non-negotiable, finding friends who share their values through the all-new “Causes” category is now another way they can search for new valuable social connections. After all, why go solo when you can be a part of a vibrant community ready to listen to your ideas and develop theirs alongside you? Joining a crew of like-minded people feels good: it offers us a blend of fresh perspectives, bold opinions, and unexpected insights.

By bringing in what really matters and connecting young people to each other through causes they have a common interest in, we empower them to further develop ideas of their own and test them against other people’s ideas. Here at Yubo, we hope this brand-new feature will ignite powerful and respectful discussions and give Gen Z the needed tool to reflect and refine their political beliefs.

With an array of tags covering movements from environment preservation to equal civil rights for minority groups – such as “Racial equality”, “Gender equality”, “Affordable healthcare” and “Climate change” tags – Yubo strives to represent our users in their work to create a more equitable and fair world.

So, find your new politically-aware besties, jump in a live, and make the change unstoppable!

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