Introducing Yu-BOs
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Introducing Yu-BOs

4 minutes read · Written by Yubo team

Meet the Newest Community Team Avatars! 

From now on, when Yubo sends messages in your chat it’ll be from one of these colorful personalities, or our safety team who will be clearly labeled. By introducing these Yu-BOs, you’ll be able to tell community team members apart from moderators, and build connections with the Yubo team. 

But, what’s the community team for? They’re there to interact with lives, plan virtual events for the Yubo community, and look out for future brand ambassadors. They’ll also love to hear more about your experience on the app or concerns so don’t be surprised if they pop up in your private messages too! They’re there for you. 

Just remember, they’re not moderators, but they still have the same abilities if needed. 

You may meet all sorts of different characters, but below are your area’s specified community members!

In the US, @Yu-Bloom and @Yu-Bocean will be your allies in ensuring you never get bored on the app.

If based in the UK, you can count on @Yu-lolo to support your lives! 

@Yu-BoG is in charge of making our Australian users happy. 

In France, @Yu-Bowie is the star of the show. But keep your eyes open, you might meet others soon!