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Yubo collaborates with the Diana Awards

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Cyberbullying has been on the rise among young people and has reportedly risen by 50% over the course of the lockdowns, increasing the conversations around the measures that can be taken to protect kids and teens online.

This Anti-Bullying Week (15th -21st November) Yubo is educating its user base on the impacts of bullying by working alongside UK Charity The Diana Award with the aim to make the Yubo community aware of the actions they should do when you have been bullied, through a campaign directly on the App and an educational quiz. It’s now urging other social media platforms to proactively take measures to protect younger online users as well as educate teens on how to act kindly online in order to protect them in the long term. 

Earlier this year, Yubo took action against online bullying and harmful content with the introduction of its new ‘Muted Words’ feature, which enables its users to block specific words and phrases that they find personally triggering from appearing to them on the app.

The Muted Words feature allows users to specify a number of words and abbreviations that they find offensive, harmful and triggering to them that they no longer wish to see in comments or content on the app. Users will also be able to choose from whom to mute the words - for example, they can block from all users or just those that aren’t on their friends' list. Yubo will then automatically hide comments containing these words from the user's view.

Sacha Lazimi, CEO and co-founder of Yubo says,Social media plays a huge role in Gen Z’s lives - they are the very first digital natives, to them there is no difference between socialising online or offline. As they spend more time online, it is our job as social media organisations to protect them against online bullying and inappropriate behaviour. 

Now more than ever, this generation needs a space to safely socialise with like-minded people and experience social interaction online. However, it is our responsibility as a business to ensure that they are protected and educated on how to behave responsibly online, not just on Yubo, but on any social media or online forum. That is why we have introduced these new features and will continue to proactively work with our safety and moderation experts to ensure Yubo is a safe space to make new and meaningful connections.” 

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