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Yubo Introduces Features to Unite Gen Z by Interests

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- Written by Yubo Team

Screen to select your profile tags after signing-up on Yubo

Music? TV? Gaming? Yubo, the leading platform for Gen Z to socialise online, has made it even easier for users to connect and make friends based on their interests with its new in-app onboarding interface and updates to its tags feature. 

Now users can add tags to their profiles when they create their account to show their new friends the latest topics that they’re keen to chat about. By including the feature in the account creation flow, it’s now easier for Gen Z to find the right tags to add to their profile showing their love for food, tv, music, gaming and much more. 

It will also be possible to add friends by tags too! If a user comes across a profile with a tag that interests them, they can click on it to find other users who share that interest. Users' top tags will appear directly in their "friends" tab. So everyone can create communities of friends sharing the same interests. 

Over six million Yubo users worldwide are already using the tag feature to make new meaningful connections on the app and, connecting over shared interests with their love of Rick and Morty, Arctic Monkeys and Grand Theft Auto V starting new discussions and budding friendships. 

Most popular tags on Yubo. 6 categories are present: TV Shows, Games, Music, Sports, Manga and Brand

In addition to the Add by tag feature, the new update includes a change to the live-streaming feature. Yubo redesigned the whole onboarding process and has made it clearer to those on livestream if they are a “watcher” (viewer of a livestream) or a “streamer” (hosting or appearing in the livestream) via a tooltip which will be visible the entire livestream to make users feel more connected and comfortable

Sacha Lazimi, Co-founder and CEO of Yubo, said “We want to ensure that our users have the best possible experience on the app, meeting new like-minded people and creating building friendships and connections with others. The launch of the new updates and features has already proven to improve the user experience and remove any barriers that were previously in the way with over six million users now making use of our tag updates and features. We will continue to listen to our community and introduce changes on the app to reflect their needs and their experience.”

Yubo is proud to be leading the way when it comes to creating a personalised user experience and bringing communities together who have similar interests and values.

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