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Privacy & Security Tips

#1 Choose a strong password

One with the highest security level you can take when signing up for YUBO. Never share your password with anyone, including our team, and don't write it where it can be found. YUBO team will never ask for your password. Please report any user who is asking you to share your password. 

#2 Do not share financial information or payment details

Do not share financial information or payment details with another user you are chatting with via messages or lives on YUBO. YUBO is not a place for financial transactions and we have very strict policies against scamming. Please report any users who are asking for money or financial information. 

#3 Be careful when sharing personal data

Do not share private details like your phone number, email address, home or work address, or other places you typically frequent, with users you don’t know. Keep communicating on YUBO rather than text, email, or other private messaging where there may not be safety tools and moderation in place to protect you. Remember that we have means to protect you when you are interacting with other users on YUBO, through our reporting system, our automated moderation tools, and our human moderators. 

#4 Immediately inform us if you think that your personal information has been compromised.

Contact us if you think your YUBO account has been hacked or if you think someone stole your personal information. We’ll provide our best efforts to restore the security of your account. 

#5 Be aware that the content you share on YUBO may be viewed by other users you interact with

Be aware that the content you share on YUBO may be viewed by other users you interact with, as they may save your content through their device (for example by taking a screenshot on their phone). On YUBO, you have the freedom of expression to share images of yourself, but also your convictions, beliefs, opinions, preferences, and information about your personal life. Think carefully about what you want to share and keep in mind that another user has the ability to take a screenshot or record your content. 

#7 Make sure to provide accurate information about your age and identity.

Pretending to be older or younger than you are can put you and others at risk. We have strict policies regarding age and do not tolerate false information. Please report any users who are lying about their age and report any users who you think are under 13 years old. This will help us keep everyone safe on YUBO. 

#8 Don’t forget to use the YUBO settings if need be.

You can increase your privacy and limit your exposure in YUBO's settings, particularly in the "Safety and privacy", "Push notifications", and "Swipe Settings" sections.

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