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Is Yubo Safe? Check Out Our Yubo Safety Guide!

Yubo, developed in 2015, is a live-streaming social platform that encourages users from around the world to connect with one another. Targeting Gen Z, the app allows users to create live video discussion rooms where both streamers and viewers interact via live chat. As a digital platform, the company relies on cutting-edge technology and tools specifically designed to protect app users. Is Yubo Safe? Yes, Yubo is safe, fun, and expressive! Here’s our Yubo Safety Guide to answer your safety questions.

Signup Security

To prevent interactions between adults and minors, Yubo has created two separate communities – an adult community for users 18 and over and a second community for young people aged 13 to 17. Members of one community cannot interact with users of the other community. Users under 13 are not permitted to use the app. 

Yubo has invested heavily in resources to ensure all users accurately share their identities on the platform. The app uses face-recognition and age-estimation technology to analyze every photo uploaded by potential users during the signup process, with the aim of detecting whether someone is under the age of 13 or an adult who has provided a false age. Moreover, the Yubo app scans Google to determine if a user has pulled a photo from an online source to use in his or her profile. If there is any uncertainty with a new user’s identity, the individual is prompted to download another app called Yoti to verify his or her age. Once a user’s age is verified, the profile is marked with a yellow “verified” badge. 

Furthermore, to help ensure all users’ safety, the Yubo team has asked that everyone follow a specific set of community guidelines, including never using false birth dates and never impersonating or pretending to be someone else. Users need to show their faces clearly in at least one profile picture or video, and users cannot share accounts – only one user per account is allowed.

Live stream Room Protection

Yubo, for whom safety is the foremost priority, has a team of in-house experts who constantly monitor profiles and interactions among users. Innovative technology scans every message within the platform to identify potential problems. 

Community Guidelines

The company has also established a strict set of guidelines for interacting in live streams – the goal is to ensure every user remains safe while using the service. A mix of algorithms and Safety Specialists monitor every room to promote a secure and friendly experience. The following materials are not permitted within live streams: content that is pornographic, sexually explicit, or involves sexual violence or assault; content that promotes drugs, drug accessories, or equipment; content that is gory or depicts graphic injuries; content that promotes violence such as acts featuring guns, knives, or other weapons. Furthermore, material that features users wearing inappropriate clothing, such as underwear or swimwear, or that displays partial or full nudity, is not allowed. 

In addition, the Yubo app does not permit any illegal activity, including but not limited to selling illegal goods or services; promoting or advertising sexual services; trying to access other users’ accounts; attempting to damage or interfere with Yubo’s services; producing hateful content or promoting violence or organized crime of any kind, including terrorism; and sharing copyrighted content, such as TV shows, movies, music, or sporting events.

Building a Safe Community

Yubo is about bringing members of the community together so they can connect with one another based on personal interests or skills. Every user has the freedom to choose a live stream to join and other users to interact with. Yubo encourages members to be respectful of one another during their interactions. Respect is the foundation for building a great community worldwide. Users must never threaten or intimidate others; ask for nude photos or other sexual content; harass, bully, or spam others; share content that is sexist, racist, homophobic, or discriminatory in any way; or use images or videos of people without seeking their permission first.

Additionally, the Yubo app monitors safety and wellness by limiting content related to certain mental health issues. For example, content that promotes eating disorders and other forms of self-injury or any encouragement of others to participate in these behaviors or make fun of people with such difficulties results in the removal of content and the banning of accounts.

No Advertisements or Scams

Yubo is built differently than other social media platforms. Users pay for in-app purchases and subscriptions. For example, users can pay to boost their live stream, promote their profile on the Swipe page, or recommend content they have selected.

Additionally, advertisements and scams are not permitted among users in discussion rooms. Yubo is not a marketplace; therefore, the following actions are not permitted: selling items or services; selling Yubo accounts; asking others to send money; promoting coupon codes, sales links, or referral links; phishing; sending malicious links, malware, or viruses; deceiving others by pretending to be in distress or danger; advertising a Paypal, Cashapp, or other payment service, links, or QR codes.

Protecting Minors

The Yubo platform is designed to ensure the safety and security of all users. However, Yubo has taken additional steps to ensure the safety of minors. Any communication that is perceived as sexual exploitation of minors is immediately reported to the police

The company has also established multiple partnerships in several countries to fight against online harassment and for the protection of children. In April 2020, Yubo announced a partnership with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC), an American non-governmental organization (NGO) dedicated to the search for missing children. Yubo shares data with NCMEC in the event of “suspected illegal activity involving minors.” In return, NCMEC representatives serve on the social network’s “Safety Board,” a committee of ten international experts in cybersecurity and child protection. To accompany the release of its new “Muted Word” feature in July 2021, Yubo launched an in-app campaign to raise awareness about sexual harassment. This campaign was carried out in partnership with NCMEC in the United States; Childnet and the Diana Award in the United Kingdom; E-Enfance in France; and Red Barnet in Denmark.

Safety Enforcement

To certify the answer is always Yes to the question, Is Yubo Safe?, Yubo encourages all users to report inappropriate content or behavior and other concerns they have about the Yubo community so the company can investigate and take immediate action. The team takes every violation seriously and penalizes any user who threatens the safety of Yubo members. The company also takes every opportunity to engage and educate users about community guidelines. It is the first social platform to introduce real-time interventions in live streaming that encourage behavioral change.

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