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Yubo’s brand-new Achievements are here to promote better connections

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- Written by Yubo Team

Yubo’s brand-new Achievements are here to promote better connections

Lo and behold: Yubo has introduced a new cool way to get YuBucks! Gamers know it, film buffs know it, language enthusiasts know it…It’s the rush of seeing a pop-up on the screen that lets you know you’ve unlocked a new in-game achievement playing hot and trendy Baldur's Gate 3. The sweet sensation of finally giving a Letterboxd rating to a movie that sat on your to-watch list since forever. The superior feeling of having Duo the Owl congratulate you on completing your daily Spanish language quest. And now, you can be a part of it on Yubo, too!

With our new Achievement feature, you can earn free YuBucks by simply continuing to use the app the way you love. Whether you are texting, swiping, or streaming, you can level up on your achievements and get increasingly larger rewards whilst using our in-app features regularly – even by just sending Pixels to your BFFs!

What is gamification

Gamification is a popular way to increase engagement and fun by adding game elements to various activities. And it’s not only useful for apps – for instance, voluntary blood donation services in the UK use gamification to encourage people to donate consistently! Donating five times will get you a bronze donor card with your blood type on it, donating a hundred times will result in an invitation to donors’ ceremony. And there are so many more ways gamification is seamlessly introduced into your everyday life. For instance, it can encourage you to workout consistently and is often used by various fitness programmes. It is also incredibly popular in education, with schools that are introducing game elements alongside their more traditional ways of learning. Even workplaces are in on this trend for various training and productivity purposes.

Level up… level up, level up, level up

Yubo’s newest Achievements feature uses gamification to improve your experience on the app. By introducing a levelling-up element, most frequently associated with gaming, all users are encouraged to participate on equal terms and get rewarded for their participation: no more empty profiles or lack of tags to find your new friends by!

Filling out your bio, adding pictures, tags and emojis is now not just a boring “set up your profile” task, but an activity you can get free YuBucks for. And the cycle does not stop here: your hard-earned YuBucks can further better your time on the app – our in-app currency can be spent on gifting Pixels, boosting your favourite lives or finding new friends in the Discover section. And it’s not just YuBucks that you can receive from participating – finishing more complex tasks can earn you free access to Yubo’s paid features, such as Spotlight or Turbo. If you always wanted to explore those without paying – it’s a sweet little deal. So, it’s always a win-win!

What kind of Achievements are there, then? Yubo introduced a number of Achievements, starting from the most basic tasks, such as filling out your profile (to promote meaningful connections based on shared interests and compatible vibes) to more complex ones, such as “Mingle-mingle” and “Swipe-out” (that encourage you to put yourself out there and socialize).

What’s more, there are levels too! The first level offers our users some pretty straightforward ways to earn YuBucks as they’re discovering ways to customize their profile for bigger prominence and better matches. The second level is all about discovering new features that might have been overlooked by our users in the past. The third level is where the real fun begins – you get your first chance to receive one of our paid-for features as your leveling-up reward, for free, and the tasks Yubo has designed for this level promote expanding your friendship circle and establishing even more meaningful connections. Levels four and five are there to make you a real Yubo powerhouse with a complete understanding of all the nooks and crannies of the app and end up a part of a robust friendship group.

Some ways to get Achievements

  • Level up your profile and earn free YuBucks simply by adding more information to your profile: it can be your interests or simply just more pictures of you and the things you love. Got a snap of yourself at your favorite band’s gig or, maybe, next to some luscious plant you’ve been nurturing all year in your room? Add them all to your profile! Express yourself and meet people who like you for who you are.
  • Keep those conversations going and earn rewards by receiving messages from your new friends. We suggest “Did you hear about Yubo’s new Achievements feature?” as a great conversation starter.
  • Swiping right and adding new connections will help you get Achievements too. The more connections you make – the more YuBucks you get, but as it’s always quality over quantity when it comes to friends! So, we made sure you can also get YuBucks through adding your closest friends as your BFFs on the app.
  • Yubo would not be Yubo without going live, am I right? So, starting a Live will also help you get new Achievements. Streaming, watching or having people join your Lives all will ensure your steady rise to the top.
  • Another way of getting rewarded within the Achievements feature is sending and receiving Pixels. They’re a cool thing in itself, so do consider sending a few to your closest mates – they will appreciate the gesture and you will enjoy getting that sweet “level up” pop-up animation.
  • Lastly, using Spotlights, Turbos and other in-app features will help you get more Achievements! So if you have not tried any of them yet, this is as good a time as any. Get on the app and see what you’ve been missing.

Sounds good? So go to your app, click on the Profile icon at the upper right corner of your screen – the list of achievements can be found right below your name and profile picture – and get achieving. Here’s to better times and more meaningful connections. We hope you will find yours!

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