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Safer Internet Day 2024

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Yubo collaborates with Childnet for Safer Internet Day 2024 with a user poll on Emerging Technologies and Online Safety

Yubo recognizes the role social media platforms play in fostering a healthier and more inclusive online experience for Gen Z. That’s why Yubo puts safety at the core of every decision made for the platform and has come to be recognized by experts as an industry leader in online safety innovation. 

We work with leading nonprofit organizations around the world for their expertise and support in policy and technology so Yubo can be proactive about its approach to online safety.

To mark Safer Internet Day 2024, Yubo supported the UK Safer Internet Centre by joining the organizations in efforts to to poll young people in the UK about their perspectives on online platforms, emerging technologies, and how changes are impacting their experiences. Polling efforts were inspired by the theme of this year’s Safer Internet Day, which centers around changing digital landscapes, including young people using the internet for positive impact; changes young people want to see online; and the factors that could influence how young people think, feel, and act online. 

“Safety is an essential component of making digital platforms engaging, which is just one of the reasons Yubo makes online safety innovation our top priority. The input we receive from users, combined with the expertise and support of organizations like Childnet, are invaluable to our ongoing development and improvement” said Yubo CEO Sacha Lazimi. 

Yubo polled users in the UK between 13 and 24 years old. These were the results of Yubo-Childnet Safer Internet Day 2024 in-app poll.

These were the results of Yubo-Childnet Safer Internet Day 2024 in-app poll

Yubo’s partnership with Childnet to promote the goals of Safer Internet Day 2024 follows the platform’s recent U.S. launch of the Yubo-AFNOR Spec reference document, a policy toolbox with operational recommendations for enhancing online safeguards to better protect young people. 

“It’s the responsibility of digital platforms today to adapt and evolve their safety infrastructure according to new technologies and new potential safety risks, but industry is just one segment of the online safety puzzle,” Lazimi said. “Collaborating with organizations like Childnet for the second consecutive Safer Internet Day, and engaging stakeholders across industry, government, and nonprofit for the AFNOR policy initiative reflect how Yubo lives up to our commitment of continually improving the online community we’ve built for millions of young adults and teens around the world.”

Discover more about the AFNOR policy initiative in this Youtube video:

And check our website yubo.live for more info.

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