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AJ Clementine Celebrates World Mental Day on Yubo

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AJ Clementine on Yubo

World Mental Health Day on Yubo

Yubo knows it has been a tough year for everyone, especially Gen Z. That’s why we went all out for World Mental Health Day this year! We partnered with the inspiring model and influencer AJ Clementine! During her live, she answered questions, gave advice on staying sane during Australia’s lockdown, and had a meaningful conversation about mental health. Here’s a wrap-up of the event in case you missed it live! 


Who is AJ Clementine?

If you don’t know who AJ is, she’s one of Australia’s most popular social media stars and LGBTQIA+ advocates. AJ is only 25 years old but is changing the world by sharing her transition, mental health tips and body positivity. While we are obsessed with her fairy princess aesthetic, it was her openness and positivity that made her the obvious choice to host our live. 


Here’s what you missed on the live…

During the event, she and some special guests got real with users about how to deal with anxiety, lockdown loneliness, online school,  and so much more. Participants asked her for advice on dealing with COVID-19 lockdowns, and Clementine said that she has been coping by “romanticizing everything in her life”…even if it’s just while binge watching a TV show. Clementine’s friend chimed in to say that she makes herself feel better by keeping her space clean. AJ completely agreed. For her, “a clean space means a clean mind, especially when you’re stuck inside all day”. 

AJ was not afraid to draw on her own life. When a user opened up about being nervous to see a therapist, AJ shared that it took her a while “to work up the courage to take the first step” towards therapy, but that “as long as you are on that road, you are doing amazing”. That being said, AJ knows what works for her might not be for everyone. Like when people ask Clementine about her gender identity, she says that she is comfortable answering their questions and advocating for the transgender community. But she added that other people in this situation “don’t owe anyone information” and shouldn’t feel pressure to be open with their gender identity if they don’t want to.


Being LGBTQIA+ and Mental Health

The theme for World Mental Health Day this year was ‘Mental Health in an Unequal World’, because race, sexual orientation, gender, and other factors have a big impact on mental health. One of AJ’s greatest strengths is her willingness to talk about the mental health struggles specific to the transgender community. Like the advice, she gave to a participant who opened up about struggling with body dysphoria. Body dysphoria is when someone is battling the mismatch between their assigned gender at birth and their gender identity. AJ shared that she deals by “reminding myself how far I have come” and told the listener that discovering “the little things that make you feel more confident is so important, whether it’s your style, or doing your makeup, or a pair of shoes, there are so many things we can access within ourselves to make us feel more confident”.

Thanks, AJ for being a fantastic host and inspiring member of Yubo’s community. Stay tuned for more mental health conversations and advice on Yubo!

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