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Meet Marie-Charlotte Brochard, Head of People and Culture at Yubo

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Swipe Profile Marie-Charlotte Brochard, Head of People and Culture at Yubo

Meet Marie-Charlotte Brochard, Head of People and Culture at Yubo

Yubo is not just another social media app. 

Founded with a vision to revolutionize interactions, it is a Social Discovery app that offers a unique social experience, beyond the ordinary. It celebrates individuality and fosters connections in a lively atmosphere. 

As a French start-up, Yubo has become a cutting-edge player in the tech industry. 

Yubo offers many features, providing a personalized and engaging social experience that caters to a wide range of interests to help connect with new friends.

Then there's Mc, Head of People and Culture since February 2022, in charge of making everyone’s journey within Yubo unique. We believe our people deserve the best tailor-made experience based on development and fulfillment.

People & Culture at Yubo, a transversal role

Her mission is to facilitate development and ensure that each person at Yubo significantly impacts the company. Her role goes beyond traditional HR responsibilities; it's about cultivating an environment where every individual thrives, contributing to the collective success of Yubo.

Ensuring Yubo's growth is not just a corporate goal; it's a commitment to Yubo’s team members and the vast community of users. Mc places a premium on creating a healthier and safer workspace, recognizing that a secure and supportive environment is the foundation of our success.

Yubo's fundamental ethos revolves around building a Social Discovery platform rooted in safety. For Mc, this philosophy extends beyond user interactions; it's about fostering a safe workspace internally. Trust, shared values, and commitment are fundamental pillars of creating a culture where everyone feels secure and empowered.

Mc believes in recruiting based on skill set, mindset, and expectations rather than geographical location. The result? A diverse and powerful team unified by shared values and seamless collaboration.

At Yubo, we are a team of doers who can elevate ideas, lead projects, and fuel innovation. Mc's leadership encourages a dynamic and forward-thinking atmosphere where each team member is empowered to contribute meaningfully to the company's growth journey.

Mc's work reflects a commitment to fostering a safe, empowering, and inclusive workplace culture. Yubo prioritizes the well-being of its employees, creating a positive and unique work experience for all. 

Employee Well-being at Yubo

The partnership between Yubo and moka.care is aimed at promoting well-being within the company, with a focus on safety, mental health, and creating a positive and unique work experience for each employee.  Within this collaboration, the objectives are clearly defined, aiming to provide access to self-care tools such as meditation and heart coherence for all employees, regardless of their location around the world. Additionally, the company aims to take care of its remote teams, acknowledging the specific challenges associated with remote work. Another key aspect of the initiative is the training of "Wellness Committee" members as mental health ambassadors. These ambassadors are now equipped to address the needs of employees going through difficult times and co-facilitate collective sessions in collaboration with Moka.care practitioners.

In conclusion, Mc's role as the Head of People and Culture underscores the company's dedication to individual growth, collective success, and a dynamic future in the realm of Social Discovery.

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Meet Marie-Charlotte Brochard, Head of People and Culture at Yubo

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