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Make International Friends on Yubo: Interview

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- Written by Yubo Team

Gonz on Yubo

Between miscommunications, lack of trust, discrimination, and cultural discord, finding friends from other countries can seem impossible. However, this is changing because of platforms like Yubo where people from around the world can engage in live conversations with each other. At Yubo, we are on a mission to create more international friendships.

In honor of international friendship, we wanted to give the floor to one of our users, Gonzalo Pacini, who has used Yubo to make friends all over the world. Since 2018, he has used Yubo to learn new languages, meet new people, and learn about other cultures. Gonzalo shows that with a little help from Yubo, friendships can form no matter the distance, and how connecting with people with different backgrounds lets us grow! 

Making International Friends on Yubo

I am Gonzalo Pacini, a 21-year-old Yubo user who learned seven languages and made dozens of friends from different countries by going Live on Yubo. 

Since I joined Yubo in 2018, I have learned English, French, Mandarin, Italian, Portuguese, German and am currently learning Russian. I keep learning more because I made so many friends that I never would have if I hadn’t been able to connect with them on Yubo. 

If you are learning a foreign language in school or on your own and looking for a way to practice? Go Live on Yubo! It lets you practice another language and meet people your age from all over the world while you’re at it! 

Why it works

I believe that going live on Yubo offers young people something unique: the possibility of practising another language in a group setting. Unlike language learning apps, on Yubo Lives you can talk in real-time and carry a conversation with 3 or 6 native speakers talking one on top of each other, all at a native pace. I personally use Yubo for languages and it allows me to get out of my comfort zone, to speak quickly, to learn new words, local phrases, and to fit into a culture that is different from mine. While this was scary at first, I never gave up because meeting people with diverse backgrounds is so rewarding and because of them, my life improved immensely.

I have close friends all over the world because of Yubo. Sometimes in Lives I will even translate between two people because it's a shame to miss out on people because of a language barrier. It's still shocking every time I get to know someone, that if I hadn’t learned their language on Yubo or joined their Live, I would’ve otherwise never met. Meeting so many new people makes me see the world in a different light since other cultures are no different than yours. And when I get to know someone and understand them, I always come to realize that we are very similar as people.

How to use Tags to Make International Friends

Yubo is challenging you to try and make a friend from a different country. Plus, this is easier than ever with our new add friends by tag feature. Just hashtag the place you want to meet someone from and start making friends! If you’re hesitant about joining lives in another language, try just starting as a viewer. However you choose to celebrate, International Friendship Day shows us that we grow by connecting with people that are different from us, and there's no better place to do this than on Yubo!

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