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Yubo’s Powers Unlocked: A Comprehensive Guide

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Powers on Yubo, the Social Discovery app

Yubo’s Powers Unlocked: A Comprehensive Guide

On Yubo, you’ve got the power. And not only one single power! There is a whole bunch of them, letting you enhance your experience on Yubo through adding more friends, getting more live visitors, or receiving more messages. These powers are usually paid-for (unless you win some through our new Achievements section of the app – which you should absolutely try to do!) and they can give you that little extra on the basic app functions that we offer our users for free.

So sit back and relax – we are taking you on a brief guided tour of all Yubo’s powers. We will explain what they do and give you some examples on how to best use them. So no matter if you’ve been on Yubo for years or just joined a week ago, there will be something for everyone here! However, if you’re unfamiliar with the app at all, we recommend you to start with our back-to-basics blog post that explains what Yubo is used for, and then come back to read this one.

Booooooosted to the max

The first power we will explore is Boost. We bet you’ve seen it before – as a small button with a red pointed arrow inside the live, or as a word “Boosted” on the top of the live card when you’re browsing for lives to join. So what does it do? As you have probably guessed by now, it has something to do with lives. More specifically, Boosts help to make your live – or someone else’s live you find interesting and would like to promote – more visible.

Once a live gets a Boost, it gets automatically entered into the Boost league, where it will compete with other boosted lives for the number one spot. You can get them individually with YuBucks, our in-app currency, or receive one per week as a part of your Power Pack or Elite Pack subscription (don’t worry about these for now – we will come back to them later).

Fast (and Furious) Adds

Another power we have in store is Fast Adds, a feature that allows you to send friend requests to many people at once. Be it 100, 200, or 500 people, you can now jump straight to having conversations and building those connections. And when you go live, all your friends will get a notification, speeding up the process of getting to know them better!

In the Spotlight

Spotlight is another popular feature we have. It allows you to take center stage and get other people to start conversations with you easily! The premise here is very simple: when you activate the Spotlight, your profile is placed in the Spotlight panel, on top of our live and chat tabs. Other Yubo users browsing through these tabs – even the users who are not yet your friends! – can start an instant conversation with you, based on your bio, tags, and overall vibe. So if you love to be in the center of attention, or alternatively if you’re a little shy and reluctant to start conversations of your own, Spotlight can be a perfect way for you to get to meet new people from all over the world.

Spotlight… But Reversed

Reverse Spotlight is exactly what it sounds like – just like actual Spotlight, but with an accent on the user who is sending the message, not the one receiving it. This feature gives you an opportunity to send messages to users you feel like you’d vibe with, no matter if you’ve friended them before! Get a chance to break the ice without waiting to be matched and added as a friend. It can be purchased with YuBucks or accessed as a part of the Elite Pack.


Turbo is a really good find for those who spend most of their time on Yubo looking through the profiles of their new friends-to-be! This power magically promotes your profile in the Swipe section to the top of the pile, so upon activation, your profile will be at its most visible. With Turbo on, you will start receiving more friend requests for the next five minutes, as your profile rises to the top. This feature can be purchased as a standalone, or acquired through subscription to our Power Pack or Elite Pack.

A Reverse for your Swipe

Reverse Swipe is another power for our users searching for friends through our Swipe tab. You don’t need to worry about ever swiping wrong with this one, as it gives you the power to turn back time and right the wrong! So if you have ever swiped the wrong way by accident, having a Reverse Swipe allows you to return to the previous profile and avoid missing out on a potential friendship! To receive unlimited use of this feature, all you need to do is to subscribe to either the Power Pack or Elite Pack that we offer our users (they come with a lot of other fun features too).

See Who Added You

Another great feature for all our swipe enthusiasts is “See Who Added You”. It gives you a chance to stop swiping blindly and create instant conversations by allowing you to choose your new connections among people who have already swiped right on you! This feature speeds up the process of matching and lets you skip all the boring parts and jump straight to the stage of messaging people and going live with them.

See Who Viewed You

In addition to seeing who added you, you can now see people who viewed your profile with “See Who Viewed You”. This can give you a boost of confidence to talk to people who you haven’t previously talked to, or remind you to send that long-overdue message you kept forgetting about to your Yubo bestie! Paired with our Reverse Spotlight feature, this could be your easiest way to new connections on Yubo yet.

You’ve got the Power… Pack

Power Pack is one of Yubo’s recurring subscription packs. It is a bundle of features selected for you to enhance your app experience, and it includes some of the features we were talking about before, such as Turbo, Boost, and Spotlight. It also allows you to swipe over 1,000 profiles a day and gives you access to unlimited Reverse Swipes. You can also see everyone who swiped right on you, so you’re never left guessing!

Elite Pack

Introduced in 2022 for the first time, our Elite Pack made quite the splash! Being an expansion of the Power Pack, it has all of the good stuff the Power Pack has to offer: 1 Boost, 1 Turbo, 1 Spotlight, and unlimited Reverse Swipes. But it also gives you a bunch of exclusive powers that you do not get with the Power Pack, such as seeing people who viewed your profile, appearing at the top of the swipe card pile for the people you swiped right on, as well as getting access to Reverse Swipe that we mentioned above, to name just a few.

Watch Our Elite Pack YouTube Video To Learn All About the Feature

One Pixel at a Time

You might have noticed some Yubo users having small artworks displayed in their bio section. Ever wondered what they are? Well, we’re here to tell you: they are Pixels – collectible digital art that can be sent to or received from your friends. We have many Pixel collections that would suit a range of different artistic tastes, so you can browse and pick one that reflects your friend’s or your own personality best! What’s even cooler is that every time you receive a Pixel, you also get some YuBucks to spend on Boosts, Turbos, or Spotlights. Pixels can be a sweet pick-me-up for a friend or a lovely way to say “thanks” for a great live. To know more, check out more information we have on Pixels on our “Subscription and YuBucks” support tab.

More Power to You!

Here at Yubo, we are always innovating to find new pathways to social connectedness. The powers above are some of the tools we designed to make your journey on the app smooth and seamless. We really hope this overview was helpful for both old and new users alike.

Whether you are someone who spends all your time in a live or someone who values one-on-one private chat conversations (by the way, check out our blogpost about making friends online as an introvert!), we made sure to include things that would enhance your experience and help you get what you’re looking for – new conversations, new social experiences, and new friends. So, if you were waiting for a sign to give some of the powers we featured a go, the time is now!

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