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Snap Inc. Camera Kit and YouTube Integration Arrive on Yubo

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- Written by Yubo Team

Screen to set up your lense during a livestream on Yubo

Yubo, the leading platform for young people to socialize online, today announced a variety of new platform updates with Snap Inc. and YouTube to create more personalized and enhanced experiences for its users. Through Snap’s Camera Kit tool, Yubo’s 40M+ users worldwide will now be able to access Snapchat Lenses via Yubo to enhance their livestreams.

Camera Kit invites developers to leverage Snap’s nine-year investment in the Snapchat camera, bringing Snapchat’s AR capabilities and Lens carousel to enrich the experiences on their own apps.

There are currently 30 lenses available through the integration with Yubo that have been quickly adopted by Yubo users. Since the launch of this new feature, 15% of video streamed on Yubo has been with a lens and more than 600,000 lenses are used on a daily basis.

The top 10 lenses being used on Yubo are: Big mouth, Clout Goggles, Black and White, Cute Devil, Light, Bubbles, Hellio Head, Sun Ray 02, Dizzy Bird, and Deal with It.

Within its livestreaming function, Yubo has integrated YouTube, enabling users on the livestream to search for videos and watch them together in real-time. By integrating YouTube, Yubo is mirroring how friends hang out offline and watch videos or TV shows together, sharing the experience with new people.

To support its new tailored approach, Yubo is also launching its recommendation engine 'Mood'. Users will now be able to indicate their interests, what they’d like to do or come across on the app and be recommended for an activity or people looking for the same things. As Yubo continues to grow and reach new audiences, this innovation will allow users to seek out meaningful and customized interactions more easily.

“These new functionalities are super exciting to implement on Yubo. A big part of our latest funding round was to level up our product offerings, which we’re doing today by diversifying the ways in which our users can interact within our livestreams”, explains Jeremie Aouate, CPO at Yubo. “Building a strong UI/UX has always been one of our priorities and teaming up with leaders like Snapchat to add key features to our platform is a very impactful way to do so.”

In November, Yubo announced its $47.5M Series C funding round, bringing its total to $60M in less than a year.

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